Accessories, clothes, misc items, table-ware, antique collections from around the world+sentimental items people bring. Interest-ingly, 50% of proceeds go to the exhibitors, who can donate all or any to charity!商品有來自世界各國的配飾、服裝、雜貨、餐具等古董,或充滿回憶的私人珍藏。賣家拿到銷售額50%的貨款后,拿出部分或全部進行慈善捐款,這樣的經營模式既有趣又意義非凡。Owner Yasushi Fujimoto’s art gallery specializes in mode. Exhibits are of up-and-coming creators, changing every 1-2 weeks. Fujimoto himself says, “The exhibitions changes so often, it’s like feeling & turning pages of art in a magazine.”藤本Yasushi先生經營的畫廊,可以欣賞到備受關注的藝術家們的作品。每隔1~2周都會更換展出作品。正如藤本先生所說,「展覽快速地更新,欣賞藝術猶如翻閱雜誌一般」。CREATIVENot just 2nd-hand, but a fun shop!不僅是再利用,一家十分有趣的店!Viewing exhibitions like magazines!像翻閱雜誌一般觀賞展覽!MAP C-4 東京都渋谷区神宮前 4-12-10 表参道ヒルズ同潤館 3F3F,Omotesando Hills Dojun Wing,4-12-10,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-6434-905911:00-21:00(Wed -18:00,Sun -20:00) Closed/ThuGallery showing Omotesando culture in theambient "Dojun Wing” Omotesando Hills.MAP C-4 東京都渋谷区神宮前 4-12-10表参道ヒルズ西館 B2FB2F,Omotesando Hills West Wing,4-12-10, Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-6447-070711:00-21:00(Sun -20:00)Concept: “New Recycle!”A shop for 2nd-hand treasure!16ROCKET17This bridge spans the main street in front of Omotesando Hills, & its wide view allows you to see Harajuku, Minami-Aoyama, colorful roadside trees, chic people, & the amazing architecture.表參道Hills前的大街上有一架人行天橋。站在橋上,西邊的原宿、東邊的南青山,四周的景象盡收眼底。隨四季而變的行道樹、往來的時尚達人們、奢侈品商店等都值得一看。MAP C-3 東京都渋谷区神宮前55,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,TokyoOmotesando/Harajuku; Feel the seasons!From the bridge=perfect photo spot!Pedestrian bridgeat Omotesando St.18View the fashion& architectureof Harajuku!一覽無遺的時尚,一覽無余的建築。PASS THE BATON TaxFree12

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