Tokyu Plaza Omotesando HarajukuSOUVENIRAUX PARADISTokyu PlazaOmotesando Harajuku 5F+81(0)3-3479-026011:00-21:00New aromas:A Japanese originalTokyu Plaza Omote-sando Harajuku 4F+81(0)3-6438-931511:00-21:00FASHIONReal storefront of online site, “HUMOR.” They have the newest collections from 4 popular brands: ZUCCa, TSUMORI CHISATO, Né-net, & mercibeaucoup, The shop has an extensive array of clothes with unique designs, pop colors, & other fashion articles too.購物網站「HUMOR」的實體店,可以挑選到ZUCCa、TSUMORI CHISATO、Né-net、mercibeaucoup,四大人氣品牌的最新商品。26A full collection of 4 popular brands!25Eau de Parfum 2,808yen(15ml),3,888yen(30ml), 4,860yen(60ml)Aromatic and naturally fragrantperfumes.天然香料製成的人氣香水香味淡雅怡人!Hand Cream 1,080yen(30g), 1,944yen(75g) Hand cream infused with Argand oil, good for skin & nails.富含阿爾岡油的護手霜滋潤肌膚和指甲。FOODbills27Always a line outside, this Sydney-original casual diner's scrambled eggs have been hailed by New York Times as the “World’s #1 Breakfast.” Their pancakes are a popular item as well. Ricotta hot-cakes, fresh banana, honeycomb butter 1,500yen+tax.源於悉尼的休閒餐廳。每天大排長隊就為一嘗超人氣的美式炒蛋、薄煎餅。乳酪烤餅配香蕉及蜂蜜黃油1500日元(不含稅)。Tokyu Plaza Omote-sando Harajuku 7F+81(0)3-5772-11338:30-23:00(L.O. Food:22:00, Drinks:22:30)"World's #1 breakfast," where there's always a line outside. HUMOR SHOP by A-netFrom perfumes made from all-organic materials, to donkey’s milk soap, AUX PARADIS is known for using high quality in-gredients in the creation of their all-natural items. Even their packaging is eco-friendly.純天然原料調製而成的香水、驢奶香皂等,嚴選全球高品質原材料精心製作而成的天然護膚品有著非一般的人氣。從商品包裝上能體會到AUX PARADIS對環境的保護意識。MEN’S & LADIES & KIDS TaxFree TaxFree18

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