ABOUT OMOTESANDO & HARAJUKUNot just limited to fashion only, the area is known for setting gourmet trends too. Most known for crepes, here you can find new-age style popcorn, shaved ice, pancakes, & a gourmet hamburger boom. Explore with some traditional Japanese pubs or other eats!Togo Shrine is famous for its sakura from late March to early April. Meiji-Jingu Shrine’s spring festival has ancient Japanese dance late April to early May. Plus, Yosakoi dance parade in August, with the world’s largest shopping event, “VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT” in September!Harajuku’s wooden station building is metropolitan Tokyo’s oldest. Visit before it’s rebuilt in 2020. Also, check out the many shops in the area’s 3 largest shopping facilities: Omotesando Hills, Laforet HARA-JUKU, Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku原宿·表參道地區不只是時尚發源地,東京最新流行的美食也大多起源於這裡。從最早開始流行的邊走邊吃的可麗餅,到最近的升級版爆米花、刨冰、烤薄餅、漢堡包等都成為了流行美食的主角。另外還有日式定食餐廳、居酒屋等,可以品嘗到各種各樣的美食哦!每年3月末~4月上旬的櫻花季,賞櫻勝地·東鄉神社熙來攘往。4月末~5月初,明治神宮舉辦盛大的春季祭典,可以觀賞到日本自古流傳的舞蹈和能劇演出。在8月的「Yosakoi祭」上更能欣賞到日本傳統舞蹈,9月更有世界最大規模的購物盛典「VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT」。原宿站是東京都內最古老的木結構車站,預計在2020年之前對整個車站進行重建,趁現在趕快去參觀一下吧!原宿·表參道地區有「表參道Hills」、「Laforet原宿」、「東急Plaza表參道原宿」3處大型商業設施,眾多備受關注的店鋪入駐其中,你又怎麼可以錯過?Familiar sweets to famous shops;Gourmet trends start here!Hanami, dance & fashion eventsall year round!Harajuku's architecturalmarvels: Must-visits!4_Eats3_Special Events5_Landmarks02

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