FOODPlease enjoy our 50+ yrs-old tra-dition of tonkatsu!Indulge yourself in our sweets; short-cakes, Mont Blancs, and other pastries!邀請您來細細品嘗,傳承了約50年歷史的傳統炸豬排的味道。快來嘗嘗草莓鮮奶蛋糕、蒙布朗等,西點師精心製作的甜品!Tonkatsu so soft, you can cut it w/chopsticks!鮮嫩無比的炸豬排,用筷子就能切開。An elegant take on Harajuku’s famous crepes!優雅地享用原宿名產·可麗餅!Originating in Tokyo in 1965, MAISEN moved to its current location in 1978. Their reputation for frying up hot and crispy tonkatsu gained national atten-tion. The main shop's "Western-dining wing" was formerly a public bath-house, and they've utilized its decor for a splendid retro feel. "Berkshire pork llet cutlet" 3,100yen (Free rells for rice and cab-bage) Lunch: From 890yen»managerMr.Shinichi Abe»managerMr.Yasuhiko Horie1965年起源于東京的炸豬排專營店,1978年時,總店遷往現址。由專業廚師烹製而成的招牌菜——外脆里嫩的炸豬排聞名全國。「西洋館」位於1樓的最深處,這裡原本是一處日式公共澡堂,經過精心地改建,巧妙地展現出了懷舊的氣氛。「黒豚fillet katsu膳」3,100日元(米飯和涼拌捲心菜可免費添加),午餐890日元起。MAP B-5 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-8-54-8-5,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)120-428-48511:00-22:45(L.O.22:00)An unforgettable taste:Famous store for crispy & juicy tonkatsu!TONKATSU MAISENAoyama main store08Established in 1924, head shop of Western confec-tionary brand "colombin," was the 1st to provide Japan with traditional French pastries. Pictured: Their decades-old signature dish "Crêpe Suzette" 1,296yen (Comes with coffee or black tea), comes with a crepe topped with fresh orange and vanilla ice cream. Their "Harajuku Roll" is also worth checking, as it makes for the perfect gift!創立于1924年,日本第一家銷售正宗法式甜品的西點品牌「colombin」的總店沙龍。店內特別供應復刻以前招牌菜單的甜品——「Crêpe Suzette」1,296日元(附咖啡或紅茶),可麗餅配橘子果肉及香草冰淇淋。此外,瑞士卷「原宿Roll」特別適合作為手信帶回去送給親友,可不要錯過哦!MAP B-2 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-31-196-31-19,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-3400-383810:00-21:00(Sun,Holidays -20:00)Relax with traditional sweets from this full-fledged French confectionery shop.colombin Harajuku salon0908

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