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Laforet HARAJUKULaforet HARAJUKU 1F+81(0)3-6447-445511:00-21:00 Laforet HARAJUKU 1F+81(0)3-6804-683811:00-21:00 FASHIONSOUVENIRFOOD30Renovated in February 2017 and fully powered!Charismatic brand with a world viewpoint!Laforet HARAJUKU 2F+81(0)3-6459-221011:00-21:00 Laforet HARAJUKU B 0.5F+81(0)3-6804-357311:00-21:00 First Tokyo outpost.Be fashionable with colored contact lenses.MADSTORE UNDERCOVER27Vivienne WestwoodAnglomaniaFreshCream AnpanHARAJUKU29DAZZSHOP28Silicon Studs Gloves 9,720yenRider gloves combin-ing practicality and pop design.騎手式樣的機車手套,兼具流行的設計和實用性。Colored contacts (one day)BLENDED 01,SPARKLING 03 2,160yen each(10-day packs)Color contact lenses designed for comfort. You can try them on. 重視佩戴感受的彩色隱形眼鏡。可以現場佩戴體驗。Concept store for basic line up and sundry goods of popular brand UNDERCOVER. Full line up available at Laforet HARA-JUKU store. 人氣品牌「UNDERCOVER」的概念店,主打雜貨、基礎系列的商品。在Laforet原宿店,可以購買到該品牌的全線商品。First brand in the world to fea-ture colored contact lenses as a cosmetic product. Offers total makeup solutions that incorpo-rate colored contact lenses as part of eye makeup. DAZZSHOP是世界首個將彩色隱形眼鏡作為化妝產品來銷售的美妝品牌。並且提出了,佩戴了彩色隱形眼鏡的眼妝,才算是完整的妝容。Specialty shop for cream anko buns. Dense yet thin bread rolls filled with bean paste and whipped cream. Harajuku-only avors, too. From 270yen.「生奶油紅豆包」專賣店,Q彈的麵包外皮中包裹著生奶油和紅豆餡。有咖啡紅豆餡、抹茶紅豆餡等,還有原宿限定銷售的季節限定口味。每個270日元起。Shop items from the global brand, Vivienne Westwood's archival collection, augmented with new arrangements. Apparel and life-style items on display.世界知名品牌「Vivienne Westwood」的專賣店。在這裡您可以找到融入了新創意的全新經典系列商品,除了服裝之外,還有生活用品等其他商品。LADIES TaxFree TaxFree TaxFree16

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