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Tokyu Plaza OmotesandoHarajuku 4F+81(0)3-6434-598111:00-21:00FASHIONFOODSTARBUCKS COFFEE Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku34Direct retail store opened in February 2017.Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 6F+81(0)3-5414-58518:30-23:00A must-try drink exclusive to this store!Tokyu Plaza Omotesando HarajukuTokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 4F+81(0)3-6455-525211:00-21:00SOUVENIRLIPS and HIPS32HARUTA33MEN’S & LADIESCute and functional. Aromatic, too!Body mousse(savon,110g)1,944yenThe thick rich cream spreads and moisturizes.柔滑豐潤的面霜,延展性高,滋潤保濕。Face peace mask 2,484yen(5 sheets),518yen(1 sheet)Moisturizing sheet mask with ceramide and rice-derived ingredients.含有分子釘(神經酰胺)和大米保濕成分的面膜。Touch me cream(savon,romance bouquet,50g)1,080yen eachSmooth, yet replenishing. This hand cream keeps your nails strong and your ngers beautiful.保濕護手霜深層滋潤手指和指甲,讓您的肌膚潤澤細膩。Skin-friendly rice-derived ingre-dients are infused in these body care and cosmetic products. Fragrances also available.Everything is made in Japan.在這裡您可以挑選到配合大米成分的身體護理產品和護膚品,溫和不刺激肌膚,還有香水等彩妝商品。店內所有的商品均為日本製造。Celebrating 100 years of quality oxfords with an entirely domes-tic manufacturing process. For fall & winter, we recommend the short boots and colored loafers.創業100年的傳統鞋履品牌,所有的製作工序都符合日本國產的高品質。短靴、色彩豐富的樂福鞋都十分適合秋冬季穿著。The Crunch Almond Chocolate Frappucino®(583yen) has been an overwhelmingly popular item since its debut in March 2017! Available only at this Starbucks Coffee. 2017年3月推出的全新飲品「杏仁巧克力星冰樂」,中杯583日元。在日本全國,只有這家星巴克可以喝到這款限定飲品哦,還快快來試試! TaxFree TaxFree18

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