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WI-FI CAFES & SPOTSMAP B-3 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-11-6ラフォーレ原宿 2F2F,Laforet HARAJUKU,1-11-6,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-3475-041111:00-21:00MAP C-4 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-12-10表参道ヒルズOmotesando Hills,4-12-10,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-3497-0310(11:00-21:00,Sun -20:00)11:00-21:00(Sun -20:00)GOOD MEAL MARKETOmotesando HillsMain Building4039Hideaway inLaforet HARAJUKU!A moment's respite in an impressive architectural space.MAP B-3 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-30-3東急プラザ表参道原宿 6F 6F,Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku,4-30-3,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-3497-04188:30-21:00(Opening time differs by season)OMOHARA no MORI(The Forest of OMOHARA)41Drop by the lush rooftop garden.MAP C-5 東京都渋谷区神宮前4付近Around4,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,TokyoOmotesando Street38All Omotesando St. has Wi-Fi!Omotesando Hills impresses with its hollowed grand stairwell. The com-mon area in the main building offers free Wi-Fi. With internet access and benches in a quiet setting, it's a great spot to relax.表參道Hills本館的公共區域覆蓋了免費Wi-Fi。館內還配備了供遊客休息的椅子,在優雅寧靜的環境中享受上網的樂趣。Multiple Wi-Fi hot spots located in the 1km area between Omote-sando and Harajuku stations. SSID "Omotesando_Free_Wi-Fi" is avail-able free of charge.表參道站到原宿站約1km的距離覆蓋無線網絡。搜索連接「Omotesando_Free_Wi-Fi」,即可免費使用無線Wi-Fi。Situated on the second floor of Laforet HARAJUKU is the popular take-away gourmet food court. The space provides free Wi-Fi and counter spaces equipped with USB power in case you need a recharge!Laforet原宿2樓的餐飲區有不少人氣的“單手美食”。這裡不但配備了免費Wi-Fi,還有吧檯座位和USB充電插口可供使用。Climb to the 6F Tokyu Plaza Omote-sando Harajuku and enjoy the as-tonishingly expansive urban rooftop terrace. This lush green-space serves as a venue for Xmas light-ups and other seasonal events.東急Plaza表參道原宿6樓的屋頂天台,蔥榮的綠意讓人無法想到是都心的風景。平時會在這裡舉辦聖誕燈飾等季節活動。20

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