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ABOUT OMOTESANDO & HARAJUKUMeiji Jingu Shrine boasts the largest number of vis-itors for the New Year's celebration. This shrine is dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Japan's largest wooden myoujin torii is nestled amongst a forest of over 100,000 do-nated trees, including trees and the well known for puri cation and matchmaking! Do get your hands on the amulets offered in a variety of bene ts.Not only are notable galleries and art museums dotted throughout the town, there are also numerous buildings and interiors created by famous designers. Photogenic sceneries abound. Take a walk around to stimulate the aesthete inside you!令人矚目的美術館、畫廊星羅密佈在表參道&原宿地區,有不少商業設施的建築外觀或內部設計出自著名設計師之手,這樣的建築也變成了旅遊者不可錯過的景點之一。在相機鏡頭中顯得格外美麗的景色更是隨處可見,一邊散步,一邊陶冶自己的藝術情操。Close to Harajuku Station. Start/end your walk here.The essence of art is infused throughout the town.4_Admire the spiritual MEIJI JINGU SHRINE!明治神宮是供奉明治天皇和昭憲皇太后的神社,也是初詣(即新年第一次參拜)參拜人數位居全日本第一的神社。日本最大的木結構明神鳥居、約10萬株各地捐獻的樹木組成的樹林、除祛災厄的水井和祈求良緣的樹木等都不可錯過。可以請到健康、旅行安全、財運等護身符。3_Tour through exciting ART destinations! Go to ›› Pg1102

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