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FASHIONFASHION01CURATED SHOPSFOR FASHIONISTAS!The Taiwanese beauty and rising star in acting and modeling. Lead role in Renaikitanshu, Feb-ruary 2017. Loves fashion and shops for vintage goods in Harajuku. Nickname: PipiHARAJUKU TIPSTER ——— 1Yao Aining台灣的新星美女,在日本也是很有話題的演員及模特。2017年2月,首次主演日本電影《戀愛奇譚集》。熱愛時尚,常常流連于原宿的古著店,愛稱Pipi。 cut aud sew 17,280yen(REHERSALL),Waist-gathered pants 20,520yen(OKIRAKU),Earring 3,132yen(CASSELINI)/chelsea,Pg4* All prices include tax.Shot at: Genjiyama Terrace(Pg11)本刊內所有價格已含稅。Eye-catching Tokyo designs!吸引眼球具有東京風情的設計!時尚潮人時常光顧的復合式品牌潮店!03

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