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FOODMAP D-2 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-24-2 原宿芳村ビル 2F2F,Harajuku Yoshimura-Building,6-24-2,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-6450-536914:00-21:00(Sat-Sun 12:00-19:00),Closed/Mon TueSwitzerland, Spain, India - local sweets from around the world are recreated in this unique café by the globe-trotting owner. About 10 local sweets are on offer at all times. From 300yen. We defi-nitely recommend ordering one of these sweets accompanied by the healthy loquat tea brewed from loquat leaves and seeds.獨一無二、供應茶點的咖啡店。瑞士、西班牙、印度⋯⋯店主將自己在世界各國旅行時邂逅的、珍貴的鄉土點心一一再現。店內長期供應10種左右的鄉土點心,每款300日元起。還要推薦一款枇杷茶,使用枇杷葉和枇杷種子製成,健康好喝,和茶點一起飲用味道最佳!Sweets from around the worldby this travel-loving owner.Binowa Cafe specializing in Traditional Confectionary Research Company09MAP D-4 東京都港区北青山3-14-1 ノース青山1F1F,North Aoyama,3-14-1,Kitaaoyama,Minato-ku,Tokyo+81(0)3-6712-689510:00-18:00,Closed/TueChat with thewell-traveledowner!和遊遍世界的店主愉快聊天A tea brand rapidly increasing in popularity since its launch in Liverpool, Great Britain in 2012. This little shop which opened in August 2016 features a wide selection of teas and a tea stand from a brand that does not even exist in Great Britain! Arranged teas are made from original recipes sent directly from the UK and are awesome! Ordinary Tea: 330yen Special Tea: 460yen.2012年創立于英國利物浦的紅茶品牌,近年來人氣急速飆升。原宿的這家專賣店于2016年8月開業,店裡可以購買到多個品種的茶葉。店內還設可以購買茶飲品的吧檯,這可是連英國都沒有的呢!用來自英國的秘方精心調製而成的調味紅茶絕讚無比。普通紅茶330日元,特製紅茶460日元。From renowned British tea brand, a tea stand found only in Japan!Brew Tea Co.08Warm up with thisChai blend!推薦適合秋冬的特製奶茶08

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