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ABOUT OMOTESANDO & HARAJUKUMany food trends also nd their birthplace here. People wait in long queues at shops featuring the crepe — clas-sic snack in Harajuku — to pancakes, ramen, unique donburi and Taiwanese bubble tea. Don't limit yourself to Japanese food. Try all the latest food trends here.表參道&原宿地區不僅是時尚發源地,還誕生了各式各樣的人氣美食。從最出名的可麗餅,到最近風靡起來的烤薄餅、拉麵、獨一無二的蓋飯、台灣珍珠奶茶等,每家店都門庭若市,甚至大排長龍,人氣火爆可見一斑。到日本除了日本料理,還要嘗嘗最新的人氣美食!Great food from around the world, Harajuku style.2_Enjoy this amazing local FOOD scene! Go to ›› Pg7Luxury brands line Omotesando and colorful shops inhabit all corners of Harajuku. Even the vintage shops are the best of each genre. A quick walk around will put you in touch with the latest trends. Perfect place to observe the fashion of passers by.從表參道標誌性的奢侈品專賣店,到原宿特色的絢麗多彩的小店、古著店、以及不同領域最具代表性的人氣店鋪,形形色色的時尚店鋪集中在表參道&原宿地區,在這裡走走逛逛,就可以從街邊的店鋪中,了解到當下的流行趨勢。欣賞路人的時尚裝扮也是一件樂事。Shops, people …everythingembodies the latest trend.1_Pick up the latest FASHION trends! Go to ›› Pg34 things you can’t misswhen you come toOmotesando & Harajuku!來到表參道&原宿必須體驗的4件事!A place where all types of Japanese culture, new and old congregate. A town with a different avor to the usual sights that tourists visit. This is what you should do here.日新月異的新興事與物、擁有深厚歷史底蘊的事與物,您可以從一事一物之中,邂逅到日本文化的點點滴滴。表參道&原宿地區不但是旅遊者不容錯過的觀光聖地,您還可以在這裡體驗到絕無僅有的樂趣。01

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