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FASHIONFASHION01Focus onJapanese BrandsDriving Tokyo Fashion!Tokyo’s own global fashion icon throttled to fame due to her notoriety as an overly stylish elemen-tary school student. She's in high school as of last year, and expanded her repertoire with her May 2018 debut as jazz pianist.HARAJUKU TIPSTER ——— 1MAPPY被稱為“最時髦小學生”的MAPPY,作為代表東京潮流的時尚教主,聞名全球時尚界。去年成為高中生,今年5月以爵士鋼琴演奏者的身份出道,期待她的活躍表現。instagram long jacket 32,400yen,FLOWERFACE T-shirt 9,720yen,Rayon pants 29,160yen,Enamel heel sandals 54,000yen(All items by SueUNDERCOVER)/MADSTORE UNDERCOVER,Pg4* All prices include tax.Shot at: Wall art "NOW IS FOREVER” by Stephen Powers (Around 4-24,Jingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo)本刊內所有價格已含稅。Originality suits Tokyo's street fashion.東京很適合個性的街頭時尚!聚焦!引領東京時尚風潮的日本品牌!03

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