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FOODFOOD01TEA SHOP RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FOREIGN CREATIVESLIVING IN JAPANEditor and creative director of PAPERSKY, a travel-themed magazine that introduces various coun-tries from unique perspectives. Moved to Japan in 1993, and lives in Shibuya with his Japanese wife.HARAJUKU TIPSTER ——— 2Lucas BB「PAPERSKY」是一本以獨特的視角介紹世界各國文化的旅行雜誌,主編兼創意總監Lucas BB早在1993年就來到日本,娶了位日本太太,一同在澀谷居住生活。 A cup of teawhen you're outand about!在散步途中品茶休憩!2WEBSITEwww.khmj.com僑居日本的外國創造家力薦的茶店07

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