Laforet HARAJUKULaforet HARAJUKU 3.5F+81(0)3-3402-853511:00-21:00 Laforet HARAJUKU B0.5F+81(0)3-6447-562311:00-21:00FASHIONSOUVENIRFOOD28Unique coordinates with a sense of fun!A store specializing in Japanese anime characters with worldwide appeal!Laforet HARAJUKU 1F+81(0)3-3497-003010:30-21:30 The 1st specialty crepe store in HarajukuSailor Moon store26CAFE CREPE27The world’s first official Sailor Moon store. Original items and a full lineup of goods from cos-metics to clothes and stationery.全球首家「美少女戦士」官方商店。一進店就仿佛來到了美少女戰士的世界,從化妝品到服裝、包包、文具等等,琳瑯滿目的商品讓人忍不住想全帶回家。Over 150 types of crepe. Try Strawberry & Matcha Cheese-cake sprinkled with matcha powder: 690 yen. Customize with ice cream & sauce!店裡有150種以上的可麗餅,品種豐富的讓人難以抉擇。撒上抹茶粉的「草莓抹茶芝士蛋糕」690日元。可以根據自己的口味選擇冰淇淋和沙司。A boutique with popular Japanese brands such as I AM I, peu pres, and fig London. Playful natural designs are popular. Includes smartphone cases and socks.可以買到I AM I、peu pres、fig London等人氣日本品牌的精品店。自然的風格之中隱約可見小心機的設計極受歡迎。手機殼和襪子等小物也十分豐富。©T . P . Tl' atelier du savonSmartphone Case(iPhone 6/6S/7/8) 2,808 yenCute smartphone cases with geomet-ric designs and pop coloring. 美少女戰士原創手機保護殼,將可愛的幾何學圖案作為背景,加上流行的色彩搭配,可愛滿點,令人愛不釋手。Pochette 3,132 yenPouches in 3 designs: Sailor Moon, Moon Stick, and Luna the Cat.小巧可愛的手提包,印有水手月亮、Moon Stick星月棒、露娜3款圖案。PC Case 4,212 yenStore your PC in uffy fabric. The handle is removable.原創圖案的電腦保護套,柔軟的質地可以很好的保護好您的電腦,手柄可拆卸。 TaxFreeLADIES*The above goods should be availablefor sale from October.以上商品預計10月發售16

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