Tokyu Plaza Omotesando HarajukuTokyu PlazaOmotesando Harajuku MAP B-3 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-30-34-30-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo+81(0)3-3497-041811:00-21:00(Shops), 8:30-23:00(Café & Casual Dining)omohara.tokyu-plaza.comA fashion theme park with shops for fashion, general goods, and daily items. Its unique mirror entrance and garden rooftop make it a popular attraction.匯集了時尚、雜貨、生活用品等人氣店鋪的時尚商業設施。不論是被鏡子包圍的玄關大門、還是屋頂庭院,都充滿了話題。A-net網上商店「HUMOR」的實體店鋪,A-net旗下擁有「TSUMORI CHISATO」、「ZUCCa」、「Né-net」、「Nya-」、「mercibeaucoup,」等人氣日系品牌。店內陳列著款式豐富、設計精美的商品。HUMOR SHOP29Physical store front for the online shop HUMOR from A-net, featuring popular Japa-nese brands including TSUMORI CHISATO, ZUCCa, Né-net, Nya- and mercibeaucoup,. The spacious shop interior features a rich selection of designs. Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 4F+81(0)3-6438-931511:00-21:00ROOFTOP GARDEN ANDSHOPPING HUB WITH AUNIQUE FACADEJacket 34,560yen, Tops 20,520yen, Pants 20,520yen, Boots 22,680yen (All items by mercibeaucoup, )A collection of cute textiles & creatively designed items TaxFreeMEN’S & LADIES17

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