Tokyu Plaza OmotesandoHarajuku B1-2F+81(0)3-5785-169511:00-21:00FASHIONFOODbills32Perfect for high-end casual fashion!Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 7F+81(0)3-5772-11338:30-23:00(L.O.22:30)Casual dining that began in SydneyTokyu Plaza Omotesando HarajukuTokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 3F+81(0)3-6455-5190 11:00-21:00ISETAN MiRRORMake & CosmeticsThe SHEL'TTER TOKYO31MEN’S & LADIESISETAN MiRROR beaute cleansing water (package collaborated with MUVEIL) 1,944 yenCleansing to remove grime and makeup for a smooth skin tone.擦拭型卸妝水,令肌膚柔滑充滿彈性,需配合化妝棉使用。A cosmetics shop carrying Japa-nese and international luxury brands such as SHISEIDO, GIOR-GIO ARMANI and LANCOME. Sample them yourself.有SHISEIDO、GIORGIO ARMANI、LANCOME等多個全球奢侈彩妝品牌的化妝品集合店。幾乎所有想要的品牌都可以在這裡找到,您可以盡情地體驗中意的化妝品。A boutique with popular fashion brands such as MOUSSY and SLY. Fashion to suit your indi-vidual style!擁有MOUSSY、SLY等人氣時尚品牌的服飾精品店。以日系雜誌一般清新、清新甜美的服飾為主,您可以在這裡找到屬於自己、甜美又不失個性的風格。Restaurant established by Bill Granger, the king of casual dining.The smooth texture of scrambled eggs in the Full Aussie Breakfast for 2,376 yen is superb.被譽為休閒餐飲之王的Bill Granger所創立的餐廳。「Full aussie breakfast」2,376日元,美式炒蛋香嫩柔滑口感絕佳,令人讚不絕口,一定不能錯過! TaxFreeA cosmetic boutique carrying popular brands!ISETAN MiRRORbeaute mascara 2,376 yenMascara can be easily re-moved with hot water. ISETAN MiRROR原創化妝品品牌的睫毛膏,讓睫毛濃密卷翹,只需用溫水即可輕鬆卸除。ISETAN MiRROR beaute original cotton 432 yenA feature is the ve layers of cotton that easily soak up face lotion.5層構造的化妝棉,質地細膩觸感柔軟,具有出色吸收力,可以很好的吸收化妝水等。SOUVENIR30 TaxFree18

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