ABOUT OMOTESANDO & HARAJUKUFrom traditional Japanese cuisines such as soba noodles and sushi to local food from around the world and fresh sweets, the choices at Omotesando and Harajuku abound. You may some-times have to wait in line, but this is a testament to the avor! Try something new in the latest world cuisines.從蕎麥、壽司等日本傳統美食,到全球各國的當地美食,更有不斷推陳出新的精緻甜品,這麼多讓人食指大動的美食可以在街上輕鬆品嘗,這是原宿地區的特別之處。如果你看到哪家店排著長隊,那一定是口味的保證,不要遲疑趕快去排隊嘗一嘗!Try cuisines from Japan and around the world!2_Enjoy international FOOD culture! Go to ›› Pg7Omotesando is lined with high-end boutiques, alongside Hara-juku with its modern brands and second-hand clothing stores… This is the place to experience Tokyo’s fashion trends. Find your favorite store from a variety of genres spanning Japanese brands to carefully curated boutiques.高級時裝店林立的表參道,摩登的流行品牌商店及古著店遍佈的原宿⋯⋯,這裡可以說是最能領略到東京流行趨勢的地方。從源自日本的品牌商店,到匯集了店主精心挑選的商品的精品店,在各式各樣的商店之中,尋找一家你最中意的吧!Feel the latest trends from streetwear to high-end fashion.1_Check the latest Tokyo FASHION! Go to ›› Pg35 things not to misswhen you come toOmotesando & Harajuku!來到表參道&原宿必須體驗的5件事!Omotesando and Harajuku are places full of Japanese culture. It’s a perfect mix of the old and fantastic and the new and wonderful, and we highlight some of the things you must do and places you should visit along these streets that will stimulate your senses. More than just the usual sight-seeing spots, there are also many new ideas!表參道·原宿匯集了日本形形色色的文化。將古老而美好、新穎而獨特絕妙地結合起來并引發化學反應,這些美妙而絕對不可錯過的事物及場所,將一一為您呈現。除了必去的景點,還有許多全新的推薦!01

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