16OMOHARA COLUMNMon-Sat 11:00-22:30(L.O.22:00)Sun -21:30(L.O.21:00)+81(0)3-6455-5263Omotesando Hills 3F29URBAN RESEARCHA select shop that proposes a lifestyle for people who value personal expres-sions. From clothes to body care prod-ucts, they also offer household goods. If you’re in need for some caffeine, Omotesando Hills has a café that can sa-tiate your coffee needs while shopping.选物店URBAN RESEARCH旨在对重视自我风格的人提案新的生活方式。除了衣服之外,店内也贩售护肤品、生活杂货等多样化商品。表参道之秋店内更设有咖啡,在购物之馀也能享用美味咖啡。Tsukiji Tama Sushi SasashigureAn Edo-style sushi restaurant that uses Sasashigure rice that are pesticide, fertilizer, and herbicide free. Tsukiji Seafood Bowl ¥2,500+TAX此江户前寿司屋使用无农药、肥料、除草剂的「Sasashigure米」作成美味的海鲜丼。 筑地海鲜丼 2,500日元(未税)Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00 (Sun -20:00)+81(0)3-6912-0316Omotesando Hills B1F28CARESEA shop that sells antique watches from the 1930s to 1970s and provides comprehensive aftercare that ensures the watches remain in the best possible working order.店内贩售1930至1970年代的中古手錶,也包含售后保固的服务。11:00-21:00(Sun-20:00)+81(0)3-6721-1683Omotesando Hills B3FFOODGOODSFASHIONSelections of daily wear,dresses, and lifestyle goodsfrom around the world!27Jacket ¥79,000+TAX(Cabana), Knit ¥27,000+TAX(Rito), Pants ¥11,000yen(URBAN RESEARCH), Boots ¥18,000+TAX(ne Quittez pas)tax free位于东京地下铁表参道站内的「Echika表参道」,汇聚了25家各具特色的餐厅及杂货商店!

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