1FASHION2FOOD01OMOHARA COLUMNWhat’s Omotesando &Harajuku like?Here are 5 things you should know...表参道、原宿是怎样的地方?TIME AND AGAIN, IT’S UNDISPUTEDLY TOKYO’S FASHION MECCAFrom the latest select shops, flagship stores, second-hand shops, and upscale boutiques, this neighborhood has a lineup of stores representing Tokyo’s fashion culture. Considered as the birth place of fashion trends, you can easily see why its in uences transcends globally.原宿,汇集了时下最新的选物店、旗舰店、古着店、甚至高级时装。这裡拥有代表东京时尚的所有店舖。潮流时尚的起点从这裡萌芽,向外拓展到世界各地。A DIVERSE GATHERING OF OFF-BEAT INTERNATIONAL FOOD FADSBesides fashion, it’s teeming with food shops that call for unique experiences. Eat-in or take-out and explore the area. You might spot popular stores with long queues, but don’t lose heart! Line up be-cause you never know, it might be worth your time.From P.3-12 and 15-20, we’ve posted information that would be nice to know as a column! If that piques your interest, have a look-see.原宿着名的可不只是时尚,这裡为数众多饮食店也非常具有话题性。可以在店内用餐,或是外带边逛街边享用。人气店有时可能会排很长队,但美味程度绝对值得耐心等待。

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