20OMOHARA COLUMNCHARLES & KEITHThe accessory brand has a global footprint in over 35 countries. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, their de-signs from shoes to bags and small accessories are at an affordable price range.在全世界35个国家展店的全球饰品品牌。从鞋子、包包到潮流设计小物等都能以合理的价格购得。FASHIONFOODGOODS11:00-21:00+81(0)50-5434-1519Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 3F11:00-21:00+81(0)3-6434-1086Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 3F3433LAYERED FRAGRANCEA fragrance brand based on the idea of “layering” differ-ent customizable scents as a new form of expression that’s not over empowering but casual and elegant. Carefully crafted and 100 percent MADE IN JAPAN. Body Spray ¥3,800+TAX源自「想要让人尽情享受香味」的初衷而诞生的香氛品牌,所有系列商品都是日本製造。Body Spray 3,800日元( 未税 )8:30-23:00(L.O. FOOD:22:00, DRINK:22:30)+81(0)3-5772-1133Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 7F35billsAll-day dining from Sydney, Australia. They offer trendy dishes have been a hit from breakfast until dinner. Their “Breakfast Salad” uses fresh veggies and grains for ¥1,520+TAX来自澳洲悉尼的全日供餐餐厅。从早餐到晚餐,掌握时下潮流的料理皆十分受欢迎。使用新鲜蔬菜及穀物的早餐沙拉 Breakfast Salad 1,520日元( 未税 )A footwear and bag brand hailing from SingaporeMetal Knot Loafers ¥5,900+TAX, Bow Detail Bag ¥7,500+TAX(Shoes & Bag by CHARLES & KEITH, Other items seen are on the stylists’ personal items)tax freetax free位于明治神宫站内的「Bio c’ Bon」除了饮料及点心棒之外,也能买到素食、无麸质的点心及餐点,去看看吧!

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