4LANDMARKS5EVENTS3ART02OMOHARA COLUMNTHE AREA HAS FIVE MAJOR LANDMARKS Harajuku Station’s wooden building is the oldest of its kind in Tokyo. The Meiji Jingu shrine located near the station has the most visitors in Japan during the start of the New Years. It’s also best to keep in mind the three large shopping complexes: Omotesando Hills, Laforet HARAJUKU, and Tokyu Plaza Omo-tesando Harajuku as they represent the best of what Tokyo has to offer from fashion, food and other miscellaneous goods.原宿站是东京最早的木造车站。新年参拜时总是络绎不绝的明治神宫。以下三个大型百货公司(表参道Hills、Laforet原宿、东急Plaza表参道原宿)绝对是此行必访!三个代表东京特色的百货,汇集了时尚、美食、以及各式创意小物。A CHANCE TO DISCOVERCOUNTLESS ARTWORKS!Galleries, art spaces, you name it. You’ll find a variety of art works just by walking around adding to the charm of this neighborhood. Through the simple act of exploring the area by foot, you’ll be rewarded with iconic works and historical build-ings designed by famous architects.除了画廊及艺术空间,在表参道原宿的街头漫步时也能发现各式各样的艺术。着名建筑家设计的历史悠久的建筑或是独特的艺术品分佈在街头各处,光是散步就充满许多惊喜。WINTER SALESJanuaryThere is a custom of big sales with sharp price reductions on winter goods and other items at many shopping complexes and stores at New Year. Many places sell Happy Bags, so try your luck.新年期間,大部分的百貨公司、店鋪都會推出福袋。福袋內以冬季商品為主,價格十分優惠。幾乎各家商店都有販售福袋,可以買幾個碰碰運氣哦!HANAMI (CHERRY BLOSSOM VIEWING)MarchCherry blossoms signal the arrival of spring. Blossoms can be viewed in Omotesando and Harajuku areas at Togo Jinja and along Cat Street. Best viewing in Tokyo is from late March to early April.樱花绽放之时,春天的也悄悄地来临。表v参道・原宿地区的东乡神社、猫街都是欣赏樱花盛开的好去处。每年3月底~4月上旬是赏樱的最佳时期。WINTER ILLUMINATIONDecemberRomantic illumination in Omotesando and Harajuku coincide with the Christmas sea-son. Large crowds, particularly couples and families, visit every year. Enjoy the wondrous winter streetscape.配合圣诞节期间,表参道、原宿人行道将妆点浪漫的霓虹彩灯。每年和家人、恋人来此欣赏圣诞彩灯的人潮络绎不绝。一起来享受冬季的梦幻街景吧!HATSUMOUDEJanuaryA Japanese tradition is to pray at temples & shrines at the start of each year for peace and quiet in the new year. Meiji Jin-gu is the top destination in Japan for this annual event! (Entry is free)在新年第一天前往佛寺、神社等地参拜,祈求新的一年平安健康是日本的传统习俗。明治神宫初诣(新年的第一次参拜)的人数高居日本第一!在P.3-12, 15-20页面底下的这个位置,记载了表参道、原宿等地的实用情报小专栏,欢迎参考!

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