07OMOHARA COLUMNBANANA CHOCOLATE COOKIEBROWNIECAKE CHOCOLATE SPECIAL &CHOCOLATE WHIP DOUBLE WHIPA 3-HOUR SWANKY FOOD TOURTHROUGH OMOTESANDO AND HARAJUKU11:00-21:00+81(0)3-6896-5150MAP B-3 ラフォーレ原宿 2F2F, Laforet HARAJUKUmachi machi1010:00-21:30+81(0)3-6804-5139MAP A-3 東京都渋谷区神宮前 1-16-81-16-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, TokyoSANTAMONICA CREPE093小时内逛遍表参道与原宿的新潮饮食店之旅FOOD¥480+TAXIRON BUDDHA OOLONG CHEESE TEAEach drink is carefully con-cocted using imported Taiwanese tea topped with a rich, creamy, and savory “cheese” foam to offset with the tea’s natural aroma.Okay, next!珍珠奶茶热潮之后就是它了!杯杯现泡的台湾茶,佐以浓厚咸甜奶盖,咸甜交织的滋味让人爱不释手。¥600+TAXEven this! Crêpes with an overload of toppings. If you can’t decide on what to order, have a look at their menu recom-mendations. 让人惊呼连连「可以放这麽多!」,拥有丰富配料组合的可丽饼。犹豫不决的时候,参考菜单点餐绝不会错!ToshibuyastationToharajukustationHailing from Seattle is America-born comedian, TV personality, actor, and narrator. Most fa-mously known as a member of comedy group, “Cho Shinjuku”. He’s also the MC for children’s TV show “OHASUTA” produced by TV Tokyo and has immense support from all generations of young and old. 来自美国西雅图的搞笑艺人、演员、旁白。不只是人气搞笑团体超新塾的成员,也在东京电视台的节目「OHASUTA」担任主持人、广受大人小孩各个年龄层的支持。Ike NwalaToday's Guide@aiku_nuwachanAddictive and surpris-ingly easy to drink!Go on foot!Nice and sweet~Oh, I seeFollow me!There’s a lot of nooks and cran-nies to exploreMany shops in Omotesando and Harajuku offer take-outs, so please be mindful and don’t litter!SHOP 111:20START11:00SHOP 211:55

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