14If you visit Meiji Jingu Shrine, make sure to visit the main shrine. You’ll nd in front of the main shrine two in-tertwined sacred trees the “Couple Camphor tree” made to look like they’re one.Three days from October 30th to November 1st is a special ceremonial festival, “YUME RIN” which will take place at night! 游览明治神宫一定不能错过参拜正殿。正殿前有着从修建当时开始就伫立在这里的神树“夫妻楠”。互相依偎的两棵树看起来就像一颗一样。10/30~11/1的3天,将会在参道上展出供奉献灯“梦铃”,举办夜间特别参拜活动!MAIN SHRINEKODAMA↑¥2,000↓¥1,000 BCADECYOYOGI Sta.HARAJUKU Sta.MEIJI-JINGU MAE Sta.A beautiful garden erected by Emperor Meiji for Empress Shoken. You can appreciate all four seasons in the gar-den year-round. Within the park is a popular attraction (with a constant queue) for those seeking spiritual ener-gy, the “Kiyomasa’s Well”.明治天皇为昭宪皇太后而修建的美丽的庭园。可以享受四季变换的风景。苑内的“清正井”是游客络绎不绝的人气景点。GYOEN PARKTowering at the entrance stands the largest Torii gate in Japan with a height of 12m. Taiwanese cypress trees high in the mountains from Taiwan were used. Approaching the foot of the gate, there’s a scent of a faint, calming aroma coming from the cypress tree.高高耸立于正参道的入口处的高达12米的日本第一大鸟居,由从台湾深山运来的巨大台湾桧木建成。凑近鸟居底部龟裂处就能闻到淡淡的桧木清香。LARGEST WOODEN TORII GATESDE

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