16Mon-Sat 11:00-22:30(L.O.22:00)Sun 21:30(L.O.21:00)+81(0)3-6455-55523F, Omotesando Hills26KAGEYAMAROUAchievement store that won the first place in Tokyo Ramen of the Year for three consecutive years. Their most popular is the chicken base soup salt taste noodle ¥1,200+TAX东京年度拉面大赏(Tokyo Ramen of the Year)连续三年获得第一名的实力店铺。人气冠军Chicken base soup salt taste noodle 1,200日元+消费税11:00-21:00(Sun -20:00)+81(0)3-3478-1830B1F, Omotesando Hills25HirotakaBrand flagship store started by designer, Hirotaka Inoue who learned the basics of jewelry creation in Paris. K10 Diamond Ear Cuff ¥68,000+TAX(LEFT), K10 White Southsea pearl Earring ¥83,000+TAX(RIGHT)由在巴黎学习珠宝设计基础的设计师井上宽崇开设的品牌旗舰店。店内的珠宝全部由日本国内职人手工制作。K10 Dia-mond Ear Cu ¥68,000+TAX(LEFT), K10 White Southsea pearl Earring ¥83,000+TAX(RIGHT)11:00-21:00(Sun-20:00)+81(0)3-6721-1683B3F, Omotesando HillsFOODGOODSFASHIONSelect shop for daily wear, dresses and lifestyle goods from around the worldDobby relax gilet ¥30,000+TAX, Dobby relax skirt ¥30,000+TAX, Square toe mules ¥34,000+TAX (All items by ELIN) VEINLONGSLEEVECOTTON RIB ¥13,500+TAX(BASERANGE)URBAN RESEARCH“DESIGN YOUR LIFE STYLE” is the theme where not only clothes, but cosmetics and household goods are offered in a variety. The Omotesando Hills store has a café called “green bar” where you can enjoy some nice brewed coffee while shopping.以“DESIGN YOUR LIFE STYLE(设计你自己的生活方式)”为理念的生活方式提案商店,店内不仅销售服装,还有化妆品和生活杂货等各式各样的商品。表参道Hills店内还设有咖啡店green bar,在购物的同时还能品尝美味的饮品。24tax freetax free

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