1811:00-21:00+81(0)3-6455-5105B1F, Laforet HARAJUKUFOODGOODSNEW SHOPFASHION11:00-21:00+81(0)3-6434-04772F, Laforet HARAJUKU28LiquemAn up-and-coming accessory brand that started in 2017. Earrings with cherry motifs, feminine and gorgeous accessories are very popular with fash-ion acionados. Cherry Earrings ¥2,200+TAX2017年开设的新锐饰品品牌。以樱桃为原型的耳环等华丽少女风的饰品在潮流达人们中很受欢迎。11:00-21:00+81(0)3-3497-00301F, Laforet HARAJUKU29CAFE CREPEHarajuku’s rst crepe specialty store. Find your favorite from 150 different flavors. Strawberry Chocolate Whipped Creme Crepe ¥540+TAX原宿的第一家可丽饼专卖店。从150种口味中发现你的最爱吧。草莓巧克力可丽饼 540日元+消费税You can askanything about Sneakers!CONVERSE ONE STAR J ¥22,000+TAX (KICKS LAB.), Two-way Ribbed Mini T ¥4,200+TAX, Shirring Jogger Pants ¥11,800+TAX(JUEMI Syncretic/Laforet HARAJUKU 1F)KICKS LAB.Sneaker boutique started from Japan’s rst sneaker trade show. Known to of-fer models not yet released in Japan, it also covers limited editions from overseas with legions of fans from all over.在日本第一次举办的运动鞋展销会上发源诞生的运动鞋精品店。店内的日本未发售款和海外限定款广受好评,有很多忠实粉丝。27tax free

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