19ROOFTOP GARDEN AND SHOPPING HUBWITH A UNQUE FACADETokyu PlazaURBAN GREENERYON A ROOFTOPA roof terrace of about 825 square metres is a relaxing place that connects to Starbucks and restaurant, bills. In the mor-tar-shaped plaza, you’ll come across tall trees of Japanese zelkova and Katsura to counter as a breathe of fresh air within the urban landscape. After 5 pm, lights appear for a moody at mosphere. 约250坪的露天阳台,连接到星巴克与bills。盆状广场的四周种植了榉树、桂树等高耸的日式植栽景观。每天晚上5点都有夜间点灯。A KALEIDOSCOPIC ENTRANCE THAT PROJECTS A MYSTERIOUS WORLDThe entrance has countless mirrors that form like a kaleidoscope. Take the escala-tor up to the 3rd oor for a trippy scenery. Sometimes a queue forms as it’s a well-known photo spot.整面贴满镜片的入口彷彿万花筒一般耀眼。搭上通往3楼的手扶梯,感受魅惑的世界。此地有名在拍起来相当美,人潮众多的时候有可能需要排队等待。Free access throughout the building. You can relax on the 6th floor while having a cup of coffee from Starbucks.能于全馆使用。6楼的星巴克更提供美味咖啡。11:00-21:00(Shops), 8:30-23:00(Café & Casual Dining)+81(0)3-3497-0418MAP B-3 東京都渋谷区神宮前 4-30-34-30-3, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, TokyoA fashion theme park with shops for fashion, general goods, and daily items. Its unique mirror entrance and garden rooftop make it a popular attraction.FREE Wi-FiSP OT汇集了时尚、杂货、生活用品等人气店铺的时尚商业设施。不论是被无数镜面包围的入口大门、或是露天庭院,都充满了话题性。WC010101MEN’SWOMEN’SACCESSIBLE TOILET01ATMOmotesandoHarajuku

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