03Harajuku and Omotesando were burnt to the ground. Previously with 201 Zelkova trees, only 13 remained.原宿和表参道被大火烧毁。原本201棵的榉树只剩下13棵。More than 150 Zelkova saplings were replanted by a local gardener.In the history of fas hion, a grand mini boom arrives.当地的园艺店开始在表参道移栽了150棵以上的榉树。时尚史上大规模的“迷你热”开始流行。The Zelkova trees were planted in hopes of “gaining the idea of eternity from its differ-ent expressions with the changing sea-sons; growing and unafraid of change.”“一年四季都不停变换样貌的榉树喻示着生命无常,同时也包含着无畏改变不断发展的愿景”,所以选用了榉树。YAMATE AIR-RAIDThis road was created as a path-way to the Meiji Jingu shrine that stretches for 1 km long and 35.5 m wide. It was designed so that the sun rises above at the approach of noon on the summer solstice, and rises from the center for the win-ter solstice towards the direction of the Meiji Jingu Shrine.作为明治神宫的参拜道路而开通。全长约1km,宽35.5m。采用了夏至的正午太阳能处于道路正上方,冬至时太阳能从明治神宫的方向升向道路的中心的设计。The Tokyo Olympics was held at the Yoyogi Gymnasium and other various venues. An Olympic Village was built at “Washington Heights” in Yoyogi Park. Designers, models, celebrities, and other fashion and design stakeholders relocated to Harajuku and Omotesando. The road replicates traces of the Champs-Elysées in Paris and is known as “Japan’s Champs-Elysées”.东京奥运会在代代木体育馆等会场举办。在曾经代代木公园的华盛顿高地的位置修建了奥运村。设计师、模特、明星们开始移住原宿,不知不觉表参道被比作巴黎的香榭丽大道,被人们称作“日本香榭丽”。MEIJI JINGU CONSTRUCTIONOMOTESANDO COMPLETEDTOKYO OLYMPICSMARION CREPE OPENSPINK=FASHION & FOODGREEN=OMOTESANDO & HARAJUKUGRAY=OthersThe apartment house was built by the gov-ernment after the Great Kanto Earthquake. It became one of the pioneers of Japanese apartments. It was demolished in 2003 due to its deteriorating state.关东大地震之后由政府修建的集合住宅,日本集合住宅的先驱。2003年由于建筑的老朽化而拆除。DOJUNKAI AOYAMA APARTMENT COMPLETEDSince the 1990s, it’s become world-famous as the home to “KAWAII culture,” also coining the term, “KAWAII” as an universal language.1990年代开始作为“KAWAII文化”的发源地,在世界范围知名。“KAWAII”成为世界共通的词汇。TAKESHITA STREET BECOMES A SHOPPING STREET201 JAPANESE ZELKOVA TREES AREPLANTED IN OMOTESANDOTOKYO TOWER COMPLETEDTWIGGY VISITS JAPAN1920192719201945192319641948195819671976196419721976192019401960MEIJI-JINGUMAESTATION COMPLETEDREPLANTING THE ZELKOVASTOKAIDOSHINKANSENOPERATES GO TOP.13-14GO TOP.07-08GO TOP.11-12©共同通信社/アマナイメージズ©朝日新聞社/アマナイメージズ

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