04MEIJI JINGUSHRINE CELEBRATES100 YEARSTOKYU PLAZA OMOTESANDO HARAJUKU OPENSLAFORET HARAJUKUOPENSURA-HARA became a fashion term coined from the streets of Harajuku and Cat street.从被称为里原宿的Cat Street和原宿大道发源的潮流。High brands start opening flagship stores one after another in Omotesando.高级品牌不断在表参道开设旗舰店。Having a“an·an”or“non-no”magazine as an accessary was a trend for young women.指的是单手拿着杂志《anan》和《non-no》一个人或少人数旅游的年轻女性。On holidays, vehicles are prohibited from entering around 2.2 km from Harajuku Station to Aoyama Street. Young people from all over the country who yearn for a sense of freedom gath-er which made it very crowded. Unfortunately, this has been abolished.在休息日,从原宿站到青山大道的大约2.2km的道路禁止车辆驶入。来自全国各地的憧憬自由风潮的年轻人们聚集在这里。现在已经废止。PEDESTRIAN HEAVEN (HOKO-TEN) APPEARSOMOTESANDO HILLS OPENSTOKYO OLYMPICS GO TOP.05-06FIRST BEAMS STORE OPENS IN HARAJUKULOUIS VUITTON OPENSFLAGSHIP STORE IN OMOTESANDOANNON-ZOKU APPEARSDC BRAND BOOM 1977198019901991201020202002202019761977198419821988199719932001200620202012197819781977202019802000GOTH-LOLI, CYBER, DECORA FASHION TRENDSEGGS ’N THINGS HARAJUKU STORE OPENSRENOVATION OFJR HARAJUKU STATIONOMOTESANDOCELEBRATES100 YEARSTHE BEGINNING OF OMOTESANDO CHRISTMAS ILLUMINATIONS “HARAJUKU OMOTESANDO GENKI FESTIVAL SUPER YOSAKOI” WAS HELD “URA HARA” FASHION IS BORNNEW FASHIONS SUCH AS THE “FOLKLORE LOOK” BECAME POPULARDISCO BOOMOLIVE SHOUJO APPEARSJAPAN’S FIRST CLUB “PITHECAN THROPUSERECTS” OPENS“CONSERVATIVE STYLE” STARTS TRENDINGHIPHOP STYLEAND STREETFASHION TRENDSGO TOP.05-06GO TOP.17-18GO TOP.07-08GO TOP.05-06GO TOP.15-16GO TOP.11-12GO TOP.19-20DC stands for“Designers and Characters brand”.The symbolize on individuality and self expres-sion with a postmodern twist. DC是“设计师品牌&企业品牌”的简称。也重视个性和自我表达的后现代主义的象征。©朝日新聞社/アマナイメージズ

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